Trap for a Rhino is the tenth episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


In the Scottish Highlands, an elderly lady named Mrs Mackenzie is alarmed to see green lights hovering over the nearby Grampian Nuclear Power Station; she reports the incident to the authorities, but no one believes her. When Colonel White learns of the incident he immediately sends Captain Scarlet to investigate the power station while Harmony Angel, who is currently attending the nearby Spectrum Flight Training School, is ordered to pay a visit to Mrs Mackenzie. Accompanied by Cadet Johnson, Harmony takes a Hummingbird helicopter and sets off for the old ladys house, unaware that her colleague has just been taken over by the Mysterons. Scarlet is assured by the power stations Head of Security that not one of the four hundred personnel has seen anything unusual; meanwhile, Harmony finds everything at Mrs Mackenzies cottage appears to be normal – until Johnson and the Mysteronised Mrs Mackenzie attack and overpower her. Harmony is forced at gunpoint to report in to White, but she manages to give a coded emergency signal; White responds by setting Spectrum on alert status and instructing Scarlet to head directly to the cottage to investigate. However, this chain of events has been carefully orchestrated by the Mysterons, who plan to hijack Scarlets Rhino and use its heavy weaponry to blow up the nuclear power station…


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