SPJ on Cloudbase

A Spectrum Passenger Jet.

The Spectrum Passenger Jet, or SPJ, is a sleek blue and silver aircraft capable of carrying several passengers in addition to its crew complement of two. Captain Blue is considered one of the best pilots of such aircraft in Spectrum, if not THE best.

The Jets are armed with some weapons, including several missiles, for defense in case of an attack; Colonel White himself is shown to be a good pilot, as he flew one of the Jets with ease in "Flight To Atlantica." It is not specified how good a pilot Captain Scarlet is of one of these aircraft.

Technical Data:Edit

  • Length: 78 feet
  • Wingspan: 37 feet
  • Weight: 630,427 pounds (281.44 tons)
  • Maximum speed (airborne): initially 1,125 mph, later increased to 1,500 mph
  • Maximum speed (on water, using hydrofoils): 65.2 knots (75 mph)
  • Range: 12,000-20,000 miles
  • Seating capacity: 9 (2 crew and seven passengers)
  • Based on: Universal Aero Engineering's TVR 24 Jet of 2066
  • Engines: 2 reheat excess, air-ramjet, turbo-fan jet engines, VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing systems via retro-thrust Vilta air-brakes
  • Construction material: Fleetonium alloy