Revenge Of The Mysterons From Mars is a 1981 television film incorporating re-edited footage from the 1967 British Super-marionation television series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Created by ITC Entertainment's New York offices, the film is a compilation of the original episodes "Shadow of Fear", "Lunarville 7", "Crater 101" and "Dangerous Rendezvous." It complements a previous Captain Scarlet compilation movie, Captain Scarlet vs the Mysterons, but like the previous film, it was negatively received by fans of the original 1960s programme. The movie was later mocked in November 1988 on Mystery Science Theater 3000.


An attempt to survey the Mysterons's planet, Mars, with a space probe is threatened when a scientist attached to the project is killed and duplicated by the Mysterons ("Shadow of Fear").

After the Lunar Controller boldly declares the Moon's independence from Earth in its fight against the Mysterons, Captains Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue and Lieutenant Green are dispatched to the colony Lunarville 7 to investigate reports of an unidentified complex being built on the far side of the Moon. ("Lunarville 7").

After reporting back to Cloudbase, Scarlet, Blue and Green return to the Moon to remove the power source from the Mysteron complex in Crater 101. Entering the city, they try to disable their enemies' powers of reconstruction before the complex is irrevocably destroyed in an atomic explosion. ("Crater 101").

Back on Cloudbase, Dr Kurnitz finds that the crystal pulsator recovered from the Mysteron complex has communicational capabilities. Using a special device to broadcast to Spectrum's enemies directly, Colonel White requests an end to hostilities between Earth and Mars ("Dangerous Rendezvous").

Video releasesEdit

Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars has received two home video releases: the first by "Channel 5" in the 1980s, the second by PolyGram in 1992.