New captain scarlet Title Screen

The New Captain Scarlet is a "hyper-marionation" programme, consisting mainly of three-dimensional CGI, or computer-generated imaging, animation produced by Gerry Anderson. Though it is based partially on the original Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, the characters are not identical, and the Spectrum Organisation employs different equipment. Moreover, Mysteronised Earthmen actually come back from the dead instead of having exact likenesses of them re-created by The Mysterons.

Known character-voice providersEdit

Captain Scarlet: Oliver Hollis.
Captain Black: Nigel Plaskitt.

Known episodesEdit

01. "Instrument Of Destruction, Part 1"
02. "Instrument Of Destruction, Part 2"
03. "Rain Of Terror"
04. "Mercury Falling"
05. "The Homecoming"
06. "Chiller"
07. "Rat Trap"
08. "Swarm"
09. "Circles Of Doom"
10. "Trap For A Rhino"
11. "The Achilles Messenger"
12. "Skin Deep"
13. "Heist"