Lieutenant Green is the Spectrum code name of Seymour Griffiths, a computer expert who serves as the aide to Colonel White, the CINCSPEC of the Spectrum Organisation and the Chief Of Communications on Cloudbase.

Before SpectrumEdit

Seymour Griffiths is a native of Port Of Spain, Trinidad, and the oldest of nine children. When their parents were killed in a plane crash, he was forced to rear them all on his lonesome. It proved to be a testament to his maturity that even with this responsibility, he still managed to earn degrees in music, telecommunications, and computers. ("Fanon" sources credit him with having invented the pocket radio telescope, the royalties from which permanently solved his family's financial problems.)

WASP serviceEdit

Griffiths served in the World Aquanaut Security Patrol, alongside Bradley Holden, as the chief of Marineville's control tower, from which the Spectrum Organisation recruited him.

In SpectrumEdit

Lieutenant Green, as Colonel White's aide and the Cloudbase Chief Of Communications, rarely has chances to undertake missions in the field.