Combat is the second episode of Series 2 of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


While climbing a mountain rock face in Arizona, Doctor Phil Bogart is attacked by a Mysteronised eagle and plummets to his death. Brought back to life as a Mysteron agent, Phil returns to the Tier Research facility, where he steals a 'Thunderpulse' bomb – a sonic displacement weapon – before destroying the complex. Learning of the disappearance of the entire research complex, Colonel White and his team determine that Bogart has been taken over by the enemy, and is planning on using the bomb to destroy a major city. Phil shares a psychic link with his twin brother, Frank, so Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue pay a visit to the prison where Frank is incarcerated, after having used his gift to pursue a life of crime. Frank agrees to help, but only plays along with the two Spectrum agents so that he can escape at the first opportunity; left alone in his brothers apartment on the forty-third floor, Frank climbs out a window and makes for the roof of an external lift to aid his descent. However, Scarlet and Blue give chase in a Rhino, and they soon apprehend the fleeing crook. Frank is taken back to Skybase where he is coerced into using his E.S.P. to track his brother; however, on making contact, he is possessed by the Mysterons and sent to kill Colonel White…


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