Colonel White is the code name adopted by Charles Gray, the Supreme Commander-In-Chief, or CINCSPEC of the Spectrum Organisation and the Commanding Officer of its primary command headquarters, Cloudbase. A widower with no children and a veteran of duty in the British and World Navies, he also served as Director of the Universal Secret Service's London headquarters.

Known backgroundEdit

Charlie Gray of the British Navy and the World NavyEdit

A native of London, Charlie Gray (as he was then known) grew up with a love of the sea. After earning degrees in computers, navigation, and technology from Norwich University, he enlisted in the British Navy--at a time when Great Britain was tyrannised by an evil military dictatorship.

Throwing his support to the rebels who fought for freedom, Charles (as he had come to be known by this time) saw his efforts rewarded when the military dictatorship was overthrown thanks to him and many other courageous personnel. Transferring to the World Navy, he rose through the ranks to become a very young fleet admiral--then retired unexpectedly to join the Universal Secret Service.

Charles Gray, Secret Service LondonEdit

The London headquarters of the Universal Secret Service was honeycombed with moles and double agents at the approximate time when Gray took it over. But in a very short time, he managed to clean them out successfully. During this time, Karen Wainwright (who later became the Symphony Angel of the Spectrum Organisation) became one of his agents.

Colonel White, SpectrumEdit

Gray had been offered the office of Supreme Director of the Universal Secret Service, but he rejected it in order to accept another post of much greater import: founding Supreme Commander-In-Chief (CINCSPEC) of the new Spectrum Organisation, in which post he adopted the code name of Colonel White.

Charles Gray the manEdit

According to the back story that Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson wrote for him, Charles Gray is a widower whose wife died childless, probably whilst miscarrying their first-born son. Since becoming Colonel White, the attitudes that he shows towards Captain Scarlet and the Spectrum Angels in the various installments appear to indicate that he views them as the son (in Captain Scarlet's case) and the daughters (in the cases of all five of the Angels) he never had.

A master chess player and mystery-novel enthusiast, Gray is believed to be devoting what little time he can spare to writing a mystery novel of his own. His interest in chess apparently helps him tremendously in the Earthman-Mysteron War, in which he seems to view Spectrum as the "white" side since, after all, it was an illegal act by a then member of Spectrum which touched it off in the first place.

Production informationEdit

Actor Donald Gray provided the voice of Colonel White in the programme.