Captain Scarlet and the Return of the Mysterons is a Captain Scarlet trailer made in the year 2000. It was made to check out the possibility to recreate the old series in CGI. Eventually, New Captain Scarlet was released in 2005.

Captain Scarlet CGI Trailer from 200004:43

Captain Scarlet CGI Trailer from 2000


The trailer begins at a graveyard, the voice of the Mysterons announces that they are resuming their war of nerves, saying humanity will pay for the unprovoked attack on them, warning they will strike when the least expect it. At Captain Black's grave, he breaks out of his coffin and rises up. The scene cuts to Cloudbase where a narration from an elderly Captain Blue begins, he explains that within hours of the Mysterons renewing their threat to the people of Earth, Spectrum were assembling their top agents at Cloudbase HQ in readiness for fresh conflict with the old enemy. He and Captain Scarlet arrived ahead of time.

Scarlet says to Captain Blue that the Mysterons will make their first move very soon, saying he can be sure of that. They notice someone is coming up the lift, as they're not expecting anyone, Scarlet and Captain Blue move to the lift with their guns at the ready. Captain Black emerges from the lift and claims that he is no longer under the control of the Mysterons, he's back on the force. He says he has security clearance, which Scarlet confirms. Scarlet gladly welcomes him back but he is called elsewhere, leaving Captain Blue alone with Captain Black. Captain Black attacks him and knocks him unconcious, he looks at his body and uses his Mysteron powers to hypnotise him.

Later, Captain Scarlet chases Captain Blue and Black's Spectrum Saloon Car in his SPV. Destiny and the other Angels are tracking Captain Black, she informs Scarlet that he's headed for a nuclear power plant. Captain Scarlet finds the car is a mile ahead and full of explosives. Captain Black tells Captain Blue that he will take his leave and that Captain Blue will drive to the plant alone, he obeys without question. As Black drives over a bridge, he drops a bomb which destroys it so he'll lose Scarlet. Scarlet utilises the SPV's jet function to hover over the destroyed bridge.

The SPV catches up with the Saloon, once it drives past it, Scarlet ejects and fires at the Saloon with his pistol. The Saloon drives off course, Captain Blue manages to jump out before it drives off the edge of a cliff, it plummets to the ground and explodes. Captain Blue, shocked back to the real world, meets up with Scarlet, Captain Blue decides that that's enough excitement for one day. Meanwhile, Captain Black stands among the smoking wreakage of the saloon. After the endcap, Captain Scarlet addresses the audience, "And this is just the beginning, S.I.G.".



  • Captain Scarlet: "And this is just the beginning, S.I.G.".


  • Whereas the 2005 series is a reboot, several points in this trailer indicate that Captain Scarlet and the Return of the Mysterons is a sequel to the events of the original series.
  • New versions of the Angel jets, the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle and the Spectrum Saloon Car appear. In the 2005 series, the later two would become the Rhino and the Cheetah respectively.
  • Captain Black, unlike Captain Black as seen in the original series, speaks in a more Human voice rather than the demonic alien voice of the Mysterons, the Captain Black of New Captain Scarlet also spoke in a normal Human voice.
  • Like in New Captain Scarlet, Captain Black breaks out of his coffin in a lightning storm at night.
  • There are visual references to Captain Black's original conversion into a Mysteron agent. In The Mysterons, Captain Black's skin pales and he grows stubble after being taken over by the Mysterons. The same happens to Captain Black here after dropping his facade and hypnotising Captain Blue.
  • Leonne Connery (heard briefly as Destiny Angel is actor Sean Connery's niece.

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