The "evil" incarnation of Captain Black, actually Captain Black himself under Mysteron control, is the Mysterons's primary agent, initiating the majority of the fighting in their war of nerves against Earth.

The crimes of the captainEdit

After he became the only member of the Zero-X Mission crew to return to Earth from Mars, Captain Black's disappearance prompted Colonel White to issue a warrant for his arrest on charges of war-monging (because he had ordered the unprovoked attack on the Mysteron complex on Mars which had touched off the war) and desertion from the Spectrum Organisation.

In the episode "Manhunt," Captain Black was revealed to have become a Mysteron agent. The arrest warrant on him was amended to include the charges of sabotage, no fewer than three distinct counts of first-degree murder, unlawful international flight to avoid prosecution, and high treason against the World Government of Earth.

Unlike other Mysteron agents, all of whom he has killed to arrange their take-overs at Mysteron hands, Captain Black himself is very much alive and well, except that he is under Mysteron control. For this reason, he is the target of a series of criminal-arrest warrants, not a series of death warrants. It is the hope of Spectrum that he can be brought back alive; this has not proven as easy as it sounds, for the Mysterons have guarded Captain Black jealously since making him their primary agent.