Captain Black is the Spectrum Organisation's code name for Conrad Turner, a former colonel in the World Space Patrol and the former Commanding Officer of Fireball XL-3. .

Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons Edit

History Edit

Born in Manchester, England on March 17, 2029, Conrad was orphaned at the age of seven months during the atomic war starting from 2028 and finishing at 2034, he was then raised by distant relatives.

He became a colonel in the World Space Patrol and his military skills grabbed the attention of Spectrum giving him the codename "Black" and he became one of the first of Spectrum's most top field agents

Captain Black's known history with SpectrumEdit

The known history of Captain Black, according to the sources recognised as canon, says that he was once the Spectrum senior officer in charge of training new recruits, and hence that he was the former Executive Officer of Cloudbase, second only to Colonel White, and Major Stone's predecessor as the Commanding Officer of Koala Base. Former World Army Air Force Colonel Paul Metcalfe, whose own code name is Captain Scarlet, is described as Captain Black's star pupil from this period.

Captain Black and the Mysterons Edit

According to the installment "The Mysterons:"


In his command of the Zero-X Mission to the planet Mars to locate the source of radio signals that had been monitored at Spectrum, Captain Black had been ordered to make peaceful contact with the originators of those signals. Instead, when the mission encountered what proved to be the Mysterons's complex, he and his team ended up mistaking a surveillance camera for a weapon being armed. Almost panicked and in fear for his two men, he ordered the Zero-X crew to open fire on that complex, using the missiles intended to clear boulders from the path of the Martian Exploration Vehicle, or MEV, and destroy it--all in violation of orders from his own superiors. The Mysterons, as they identified themselves, employed their knowledge of "the secret of reversing matter" to reconstruct the complex with less effort than had been needed to destroy it. They then declared a "war of nerves" with this threat: "Our retaliation will be slow, but nonetheless effective. It will mean the ultimate destruction of life on Earth. It will be useless for you to resist...."

So that they might engage in this retaliation effort, the Mysterons took control of Captain Black--whether telepathically or by reversing the matter of his body was not clarified, but "fanon" presumes the process to be telepathic--and sent him back to Earth. (The exact fate of the other two members of the Zero-X Mission crew was not revealed in that, or any other, installment.) From then forward, he became their primary agent on Earth.

Captain Black's return to Earth was not shown. The Spectrum Organisation also did not know what had happened to him at first; Colonel White mentioned in "One Man Fate Has Made Indestructible" (AKA "The Mysterons" and AKA "Mars--2068 A.D.") that he had simply disappeared. But in "Manhunt," Colonel White showed members of Spectrum some security footage that showed Captain Black. At this, Captain Blue remarked, "So he is alive."

As a Mysteron agent, Captain Black's face has undergone a dramatic change, becoming more pallid in complexion, and his voice has become deeper; the Mysterons normally employ him for carrying out most of their threats. In "Winged Assassin," he disables all the electronic equipment on Delta Tango One Niner, which results in the deaths of the entire crew and all the passengers. The airliner is then employed for the Mysteron threat to kill the Director General of the United Asian Republic. With all his human emotion and pity apparently gone, he has also been teleported away from danger, as shown in "Model Spy." Whether this ability is his own or strictly of Mysteron origin is unknown, but it is likely strictly of Mysteron origin, for he does not always use it when facing danger. Though his human emotions are, at least, suppressed, and though he obeys the Mysterons for the purposes of fighting their war, sometimes, on rare occasions, he does not obey the Mysterons and his human emotion stops him from killing, as shown in "Manhunt;" so he still has emotion and pity deep inside of him.

Though Captain Black's past history prior to his becoming a Mysteron agent is rarely shown, there are, on some occasions, such exceptions as can be found in "Dangerous Rendezvous," when Colonel White was able to contact the Mysterons by radio. He was then able to tell them something of Captain Black's history. Unfortunately, the Mysterons neither believed him when he communicated with them nor relented in their war of nerves against Earth.

Captain Scarlet and the Return of the MysteronsEdit

In a one-off CGI test pattern of a sequel to Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (entitled "Captain Scarlet and the Return of the Mysterons"), the Mysterons revive a deceased Captain Black from his grave, in the middle of a storm, shortly after announcing their resuming of the war of nerves against Earth. He is shown punching the covering of his grave (whilst lightning brings down a branch from a tree), and then climbs up and breaks the fourth wall for a second.

In the next scene, Black arrives back on Cloudbase and arrives on the top deck, where Captains Scarlet and Blue are, prior to a meeting of all Spectrum's top agents. He in his normal human voice tells them to relax and announces he's finally free of Mysteron control and back on the force and says he has security clearance and asks Scarlet to check if they don't believe him.

Captain Scarlet radios Spectrum Security to see whether this is true. Security say Black is cleared. Very happy to see his former comrade, Scarlet has to leave when his epaulettes flash red. Once Scarlet has left, Black quickly turns back into his Mysteron form and punches Blue twice, knocking him to the floor unconscious. He then projects two Mysteron rings from his eyes, which burrow into Blue's eyes, mindcontrolling and hypnotizing him to follow Black's every words.

Black later steals a Spectrum Patrol Car, fills it with explosives and (with Blue driving it) proceeds to drive to the Grantsburg Nuclear Power Plant on a kamikaze mission to destroy it (and kill Blue and all other Spectrum employees in the process, whilst he escapes). Captain Scarlet follows in a Spectrum Patrol Vehicle, but Black throws an explosive canister out the back of his car, destroying the bridge he's just crossed. Firing the Pursuit Vehicle's rocket thrusters, Scarlet flies over the wreckage of the bridge, and uses the Pursuit Vehicle as a blocker across the road. He ejects and proceeds to fire at the car; it's driven off the road, causing Blue to quickly eject and the car (with Black and his explosives still inside) falls over the edge of a cliff, exploding at the foot. Blue then thanks Scarlet (by his first name Paul) for saving his life as he is now back to normal.

However, Black survives this incident, as he's shown scowling at the audience whilst the smoke clears. It seems like Scarlet, he too is indestructible.

Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet Edit

Captain black's funeral
Captain Black along with the other characters from the old series returns for Gerry Anderson's new Captain Scarlet, but Captain Black has several changes, he still has the first name of Conrad but his surname has been changed to Lefkon, named after Space Precinct associate producer Roger Lefkon. In this series we are given more information about the character, he was sent to Mars with Captain Scarlet to investagte the red planet, he with Scarlet come across the Mysteron city, this time Black has more of a reason to attack the Mysteron city, he was also shown to be friends with Scarlet, before entering the planet he saved Scarlet's life when they faced danger in their ship, but Black quickly became the Mysteron agent that becomes the main enemy of Spectrum.