Best of Enemies is the fourth episode of Series 2 of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet.


As Captain Black drives a snow truck through Russias frozen wastes, he is unaware that he is being followed by Captain Scarlet in a Spectrum Rhino. Black makes a rendezvous with a group of men from the Russian Navy Technology Division and takes delivery of a prototype organic limpet mine; the Mysteron agent then defers on making payment by killing his contacts. As an Arctic storm approaches Black makes a hasty exit, but Scarlet cuts off his only escape route by blowing up a bridge with his Rhinos missiles. When Black attempts to outrun his enemy he crashes his vehicle, apparently knocking himself out; but the Mysteron agent is playing possum, and Scarlets compassion for his former friend allows Black to overpower him. After Blacks vehicle slips off the ice and into the frozen water below, the Mysteron decides to take the Rhino and leave Scarlet to freeze to death. However, to Blacks fury he finds that Scarlet has locked down the vehicle, preventing him from using it. Scarlet comes to and manages to get inside the Rhino by its emergency exit – but then the ice gives way, and the Spectrum vehicle falls into the icy depths with Scarlet and Black trapped inside…


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