"Dangerous Rendezvous" is a follow-up to the events in "Crater 101" and the third part of the "Lunarville Trilogy." With a two-way communication linkage to the Mysterons established by means of the diamond pulsator that had been retrieved from Crater One Hundred And One in the Humboldt "Sea" of Luna, Spectrum Supreme Commander-In-Chief Colonel White tries to make peace with the Mysterons, who reject the offer in favor of carrying out their threat that "Cloudbase will be destroyed at midnight." So that Captain Scarlet cannot help them, they agree to a rendezvous with an unarmed, incommunicado agent, and Captain Scarlet volunteers--only to realise that general suspicions that the rendezvous was a trap were correct. He barely manages to inform Cloudbase, through a message in Morse alphabet, and the pulsator is jettisoned--and explodes harmlessly--just in time.

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